Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Trash Walker of Stetson Valley

Jim Linagan
Today while walking near home in the adjacent subdivision of Stetson Valley, I met an intriguing older man ambling along the sidewalk with two bags of trash, in an area where you wouldn't normally see transient people. With beads of perspiration welling up on his sun-reddened face, he answered my queries about what he was doing. Walking side-by-side, as he picks up some loose debris off the road, he tells me that he walks four to five hours around the neighborhood every morning, partly with his wife, Chris. He figures that since he's already out walking anyway, he might as well be picking up litter while he's at it. He usually starts around 7:00 am, before the sun gets too hot, but got a late start today. He often gets four or five bags full after walking for this long, but today has been a low-litter day. He's been doing this every day since he moved into his Stetson Valley home in 2006. The reason why he does it? To keep the neighborhood looking clean. And it does. I thanked him for doing such a noble thing for the environment and his neighbors, and he went on his way, occasionally bending over to pick up a stray candy wrapper or squished water bottle.

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